Forget the rest YOU deserve the BEST at Bear Naked Tanning!



Bear Naked Tanning has it all from entry level tanning beds to high end luxury beds we have something that will work for every skin type and every budget! Featuring the latest and greatest in tanning technology your sure to find something you’ll love at Bear Naked Tanning!



10 Minute Max Tan Time

 Most UV sunbeds generate unwanted heat during your tanning session which often leads to reddened or tense skin during your session! The P9S’s innovative LED-based sunsphere system only uses high end NEW technology featuring BLUE UVA LED’s generating excellent direct pigmentation for an immediately visible tan without the “reddening effect”. Along with RED LED’s to provide skin care during your tanning session and YELLOW UVB special lamps which builds your pigment making this bed the PERFECT COMBINATION to receive the ultimate TAN!

Additionally you can customize the settings to how YOU like them with our easy to navigate touch screen! Choose from 3 levels of UV intensity, bluetooth enabled, voice guided, wireless charging, aqua and aroma therapy mist, full body air conditioning and of course RED light therapy to increase hydration as well as revitalize, relax, and detox the skin during your tanning session this sunbed bed is an absolute MUST!

KBL 7000


10 Minute Max Tan Time

The KBL 7000 is a customer favorite as it redefines luxury and takes tanning to a whole new level. This bed is equipped with red light therapy bulbs as well as powerful UV bulbs to give a deeper darker tan while helping combat those fine lines and wrinkles! With its full touch screen it’s easy to operate and has every option possible including choosing your intensity level! This bed is a MUST TRY BED! 10 Minute Max Tan Time!!

Matrix l33 / V28


10 Minute Max Tan Time

The Matrix L33 / V28 is exclusively designed for all skin types! Achieve a base tan in as little as 3-5 sessions! With only 1% of UVB this bed tans you 6x quicker than our entry level beds! This bed is great for those just starting out or for those who feel like they have hit a tanning plateau! 10 Minute Max Tan Time, available in laydown or stand up.

Affinity 800

Level 4

12 Minute Max Tan Time

The Affinity 800 has similar features as the KBL just with less bulbs and options! This bed is equipped with high pressure facial, shoulder and neck tanners and also features a full body air conditioner! The aqua and aroma mist is great added touch! Build a base tan in as little as 5-7 sessions! 12 Minute Max Tan Time!

Open Sun 550

Level 3 Lay Down

15 Minute Max Tan Time

Our Open Sun 550 is truly a unique bed! It features A.R.T (advanced reflective technology) with high pressure facials to tan your face, shoulder and neck but has an open concept for those who are claustrophobic! Build a base tan in just 7-9 sessions! 15 Minute Max Tan Time

Sundazzler Stand Up

Level 3 Lay Down

11 Minute Max Tan Time

The Sundazzler Stand Up has tremendous tanning power! This bed is loaded with UVB to give you instant deep dark color and great to tan those hard to reach places like under your arms! Build a base tan in just 7 sessions! 11 Minute Max Tan Time!

Advantage 350

Level 2

15 Minute Max Tan Time

This level 2 bed is a great bed for those who are balling on a budget but still want to achieve great color! Equipped with 3 high pressure facials this bed can build a base tan in just 8-10 sessions! 15 Minute Max Tan Time

Soltron Kiss

Level 1

20 Minute Max Tan Time

This entry level bed features no facials but is great for a 20 minute nap! Perfect for those ballin on a budget!  Build a base tan in 12-14 sessions! 20 Minute Max Tan Time.