Honestly I can’t praise a place more. The owners and employees exceed every expectation you could possibly have. From product knowledge to amazing top of the line lotions and AMAZING beds, Bear Naked Tan is the place to go. It’s really fun and beneficial to be a BEARmember because you get so many perks and unexpected ways to save $$! I also love that they have 2 locations now. Either is fantastic. I highly recommend and I have high expectations & it’s a place I look forward to going.

Tina Coffman recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Eaton

I absolutely recommend Bear Naked Tanning! The staff is wonderful and the facility is very clean! I have recieved multiple spray tans and they have all turned out wonderful!

Lindsay Worley recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Brookville

I stumbled across Bear Naked Tanning on Facebook, and was eager to check it out! My first experience was amazing, from the sweet employee at the desk to the cleanliness of the establishment. Caitlin went above and beyond in customer service to make sure that I understood what the salon has to offer, how the beds run, and she introduced me to the 5 for $5.55 deal. She also explained the difference between each bed to make sure my tanning needs were met. The atmosphere is great! I will definitely be back!

Mikayla Pressly recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Brookville.

This tanning salon is top of the line! The staff is always friendly & helpful. The place is very clean, and the beds they offer are amazing! Definitely recommend! I drive 15 minutes to come here, so it’s for sure worth it!

Maci Mutzner recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Brookville

The staff is amazing! Always so kind and if your having a bad day after you have tan, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. The facility is very clean. The prices are so reasonable. Highly recommend and their new facility eaton is huge!!

Jill Heindl recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Eaton

I felt super uncomfortable wanting to get a airbrush tan, BUT the girls made me feel at ease and I have received a GREAT spray tan both times! I really appreciated the awesome and professional staff.

Staci Brown recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Eaton

I love my tan!! The girls even when busy they take their time really cleaning the beds. That makes me so happy and feel so much better that it’s done right. I was able to get a glow very quickly even in a level one bed! Now I get to try the 5 for $5.55!! Thanks again!!

Vickie Lackey recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Brookville

Best salon I have ever been to! Lots of bed options and great prices! The owners are amazing and are always giving back to the customers and community. They have so many customers from word of mouth and i can see why!It’s not by making some cheesy ads! If you haven’t been here you are missing out!

Charity O'Diam recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Eaton

I absolutely love bear naked!! it is by far the cleanest & nicest salon around. the bulbs are ALWAYS hot, NEVER a wait & the staff is amazing!! the girls working there are extremely educated and helpful! you won’t catch me tanning anywhere else

Laura Woolworth recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Eaton

I Just started going there.. and I have only had 5 sessions and already see so much difference ! I love it there and definitely recommend for others to join ! Also great customer service they are always so happy and pleased to be there !

Bethany Mae Foust recommends, Bear Naked Tanning Eaton